There is a diverse variety of races on the continent of Belethon. 


The shortest lived of all the races, the average height is about 5ft 6” and they are the most common race in Belethon. They have many settlements and come in many forms, from evil bandits to poor farmers. Humans are found in service to many of the lords of many towns both evil and benign. 


Dwarves are a short people standing roughly 5ft in height. They are most suited to a subterranean environment. They spend most of their time in their underground mines and forges or building great halls and as such are the wealthiest of all the races.


The elves are the longest lived of all the peoples of Belethon sometimes living for thousands of years. They are tall, around 6ft 4” and very thin. They are joyful and spend their time singing and dancing. There are two main types if elves, the first live mainly in the woods and are known as the Silinar or Woodelves in the common tounge whereas the second and more civilised are the Tindon known to most as simply Elves. These people build towns of a similar nature to the humans and are great masters of law and poetry.


Go ahead


Goblins are mainly found in the natural caverns below Belethon and therefore have much conflict with the Dwarves. They are fast and nimble and have extraordinary eyesight meaning that they are adept at cave life.


A large and furry race that tends to live more solitary lives with only their own kind for company. They are few a far between and tend only to make friends with stray wizards and hermits. They rarely get involved in the troubles of the world however if anything so much as looks at them in a harmful way they can get very nasty indeed.

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