The brief history of Belethon.

The first peoplesEdit

The first people to arrive at Belethon were the elves. They arrived on the east coast by what is now the ruin of Acromier. They brought with them many talented craftsmen and builders as well as books and pendants of great power. They constructed the first settlement in the shade of the great peak of Bywind in the second year of the first age from the wood and stone that lay in abundance in their sheltered new home.

The leader of the elves at the time was known as Derlan and he is said to be the greatest warrior to walk the earth and he was a great leader. He was keen to record the history of the elves and wished to implement his family name to be the very identity of the Elves and that name was Tindon.

            Most of the elves accepted this and were soon at peace with their new leader except there were some who did not. The first to leave was Darlin Beldon. He believed that he had a divine right to rule the Elves and when, to his uppermost surprise, this was dismissed at the Council of Eldar he went into a blind furry and headed south to the mountain path of Cerid Undun that he had found on his travels. The next to leave was Elmar Silinar who took 20 of the elves from the newly named Dandromier. He left on much better terms with the other elves who had always regarded him as a bit strange. Much more comfortable under the canopy of the forest than the roof of a house. He headed northwest through the mountain pass of Deres to create a new colony in the northern forests.

The OrcsEdit

            Darlin travelled for many months before reaching a great swamp just west of Mt Kilnar. When he stopped to rest he saw something amongst the moss that made his soul rise. He recognise it as Lilnar or Nether wart as it is known today and seized up many handfuls. It was a rare sight indeed in the Elven town and was worth a fortune to and alchemist, especially one with Darlin’s ambitions. He spent several days mixing and adding to his potion, made in one of the many pools that pop mark the green marshes. Eventually something began to stir. Scraping and clawing at the mud until a green hand emerged from the slime and punched the air. The first Orc had been born.

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